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QTAK FZCO Jebel Ali Free Zone P.O.Box 261930 Dubai - UAE

Fon:+971504570347 Fax:+97148820422
Welcome to QTAK Free Zone Company in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Established 2005 our companyís goal is to serve the Construction business with supplying high quality products.

Our subsidiary production facility in Ras El Khaimah, under the company name AluTAK, is well equipped with modern aluminium processing machines for the production of windows, doors, curtain walls, etc. Over 20 years of experience producing such items in Egypt are our reference.

Our product portfolio also contains high-tech doors from the Italian producer Tiziano Rubini ( These doors are beautiful to look at, of perfect quality with a very light door sheet. Nature shows that lightweight and durability donít have to exclude themselves. The human bone is a very good example thereof. We also offer doors with conventional door sheets.

Additionally we have technical sprays and liquids to clean, lubricate, protect against rust from the Swiss company Metaflux ( Their products are of high quality with the aim of low impact on the environment. Our experience with these products has shown high satisfaction of our customers and especially the users, because the products preserve health and are of high yield. So although prices might be slightly higher than competitive makes, Metaflux merchandise pay off.

Our widespread contact network allows us to offer you goods from all over the globe. We have partner offices in Egypt and Switzerland with business partners in many other countries.

Speaking Arabic, English, German, French, Italian and most likely more important knowing the mentalities in the Arab and Western world help us to achieve our goals in our daily work.

We are glad to serve our customers in long lasting relationships and hope that you are or will become a satisfied client of ours.

Hoping to hear from you or even better meet, we remain faithfully.
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